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King x Qiantria


Image of King x Qiantria

Tristen King has fought his way from rock bottom of the Virginia Wes Projects to the round table of the notorious Gonzalez Cartel as the head distro over the Midwest. Apart of the superstar team, The Family, Tristen and his best friends run the largest drug organization to come out of Cincinnati, Ohio all the while creating their very own black market from their profits off the streets. With the city at his feet and power in the palm of his hand, Tristen King has proved that even a young kid out of the grimest slums can prevail as the untouchable King he claims to be. With the countdown heating up and time dwindling down, King will do whatever to make a clean break away from the streets of Cincy but, the secrets he’s hidden in the shadows threaten to come to light with him, ruining everything he’s worked hard to maintain.

Giselle Thomas has sacrificed everything in the name of love and has been given the world because of it. She stands beside her man in all lines of businesses, making his transition from the streets to the suits easier and believes they will always reign as the modern day Bonnie and Clyde. With their untouchable organization and solid foundation, life seems great. But even Giselle must learn the apple doesn’t fall short from the tree and Tristen may be more of a King than she can handle.

King and The Family have created a legacy in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio but the choices they’ve made along the way have hurt the one person whose sacrificed the most. As they all come to term with their fate, the hard part is dealing with what they’ve caused. Living by the motto that every choice made has deadly repercussions, the men are ready to take on whatever the world throws at them under the leadership of Tristen King. But the ultimate decision will be whether King will make it out the underworld, or drag the person he cares about the most into the darkness with him.